About JohnsFZE

JohnsFZE is an authorized representative for international manufacturers and suppliers of heavy equipments (Aircraft, Train, Metro, Automotive, Marine), Electronic Devices, and Spare Parts & Components.
Being and independent organization based in Dubai,UAE and not restricted by strategic commercial arrangements, JohnsFZE has the flexibility to source any product from around the world and offer cost-effective solutions with fast delivery periods.

Key Products

JohnsFZE is a major supplier in the MENA region of equipment and spare parts required in the field of aviation, railways, marine, and construction


- Wing Aircraft and Helicopter Support
- Ground Support Equipment
- Airlines In Flight Products
- Airports / Airbases Systems
- Electronic Warfare Systems (EW)
- Intelligent Traffic Solutions (ITS)
- Navigation Systems


- Marine Engine & Spare Parts
- Sonar Systems
- Navigation Systems
- Supply of Spare Parts For All Marine Equipment
- Supply of Simulators & Training Programs

Steel Supplies

- Reinforced Steel Bars
- Retrofit & Overhaul Of Vehicles
- Steel Products
- Stainless Steel Products

Communication & Radio Systems

- Two Way Radios
- Broadband Systems
- Satelite Communication

Rail Supplies

- Train Spare Parts
- Metro Spare Parits
- Rail Bars
- Rail Power Supplies

Core Values

Continuously persue our mission and strive to adjust our business operations to the requirements of the international market, with the aim of accomplishing new and significant results.

Our Mission

Continuous development by understanding the demands of today, and planning requirements for the future to continuosly provide our customer with cost-efficient solutions.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a trusted organization in providing fully integrated supply chain management in the field of heavy equipment and machinery by harnessing the engineering talents and solutions available worldwide.