Key Products

JohnsFZE's main activity is to import/export equipment and heavy machinery that serves the field of Aviation, Railways, Marine, Communication, and Construction.
We have diversified our business in terms of product range, and expanded our services to keep up with the clients needs & requirements.

Railway Supplies

We source high quality railway track maintenance and construction equipment, and deliver cutting-edge technologies & systems

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Aviation Supplies

We provide integrated aircraft systems, maintenance, spare parts, In-Flight supplies and consumables, repair & overhaul solutions for aviation

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Radio & Communication Systems

We ensure the deployment of the right communication system required from the customer, along with the supply of top quality devices from trusted brands worldwide.

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Marine Supplies

We provide extensive products and services that cater to all the needs of Marine systems, navigation, and spare parts

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Steel Supplies

We source prime quality steel products & supplies required in steel fabrication, consturction, railways, marine and oil & gas.

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