Aviation Supplies

JohnsFZE is a provider of integrated aircraft maintenance, spare part delivery, airlines inflight products, repair and overhaul solutions for aviation.

System Solutions

JohnsFZE provides diverse systems and solutions for aircrafts and airports :

- Airport / Airbases Systems
- Electronic Warfare Systems (EW)
- Intelligent Traffic Solutions (ITS)
- Simulators & Training Aids
- Navigation Systems

Aircraft Spare Parts

JohnsFZE sources premium parts, components, equipment, and accessories for wide range of airlines and aircrafts:

- Helicopter & Wing Aircrafts Supplies
- Small Aircrafts
- Ground Support Equipment
- Aircraft Maintenance Supplies
- Lubricants

In-Flight Supplies

JohnsFZE caters various goods and consumables to different airlines.
Our products include:

- Food & Beverage
- Electronics